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Pest plants

Pest plants

Updated 26 November 2018 4:04pm

With so many weedy plants out there, we're all responsible to help in keeping them under control.

If you think you have seen one of controlled pest plant species get in touch with us: 0800 496 734 or  

Learn more on how we are controlling pest plants with aerial spraying.


If you think you have seen moth plant, report an infestation on 0800 496 734 or Go to for more information.

There are now more wild exotic plants growing in New Zealand than native plants - like this moth plant infestation. Many of these exotic plants are threatening our regions parks and reserves. Others are invading and taking over our productive land. 

These exotic plants are considered weeds. They can cause serious harm to our environment, along with health risks to people like you or contribute to a loss for our agricultural industries. Keep an eye out for them and help us protect our environment.

Strategic Pest Plant Management

We've identified four levels of control for pest plant species in the Wellington region which are:

There are many more pest plants that may be treated if they are considered to be a threat to a Key Native Ecosystem (KNE). 

Individual pest plants require varying levels of control and management techniques.  

We can offer advice or check out  general weed control brochure or go to: weedbusters. 

Other useful pest plant websites

The following website pages may be useful to find out more information about pest plants: