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Better Metlink fares consultation

3429WRCFare consultation Twitter 480 x 220

We're looking to change some of our bus, train and harbour ferry fares, as well as increase fares across the board. Before we do we want to hear your views.

New WREMO & Get Prepared websites


New look WREMO and Get Prepared launched to help you get prepared for emergencies and provide better information during an emergency.

Help us protect the region from pests


We’re in the process of developing a Regional Pest Management Plan that will guide our pest management activity and we want to know what you think.

Climate change: Our biggest challenge

1 EHRP Storm damage

New information commissioned from NIWA projects that there will be significant impacts to our region by 2090.

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There are no current events.
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Wellington Riding for Disabled Long Term Proposal, Battle Hill Farm Forest Park

Better Metlink fares consultation