We welcome opportunities to sponsor events and projects that celebrate the diversity of our region, help us connect with our communities, and highlight the important work we do.

Greater Wellington supports the Ballance Farm Environment Awards in the Wellington region. The annual awards give farmers and lifestylers in the Wellington region the opportunity to find out how well…

This grant support schools explore and take action in their local environment. It can be used by schools taking part in field trips.

This fund supports schools and early childhood centres to carry out projects that support native plants and wildlife. It will help students to do projects like: planting, cleaning up litter…

There is a wealth of support available to residents in our region to reach environmental goals. Let's improve our environment one step at a time, together.

If you’re planning a restoration project in the Wairarapa area, find out here if you could apply for our Community Environment Fund.

Ko ahau te taiao, ko te taiao, ko ahau – I am the environment, and the environment is me. 

Updated September 20, 2023 at 11:18 AM

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