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Wellington Regional Biodiversity Framework


Wellington Regional Biodiversity Framework

Updated 28 March 2019 8:40am

We have started a project, in partnership with mana whenua and the Department of Conservation (DOC), to help identify and connect conservation efforts in our region.

Our goal is for all our biodiversity efforts to be more effective.

Step 1

A series of targeted workshops (in 2018) and discussions throughout our region to get some initial insights.

Step 2

Open the application process to be on the Collaborative Working Group (CWG) that drives this process forwards.

Step 3

Launch the Collaborative Working Group.

Step 4

The Collaborative Working Group have 18 months to develop and finalise the framework.

Right now, we’re at Step 2.

To find out more about the project, and to apply to be on the working group, go to our Have Your Say page.

You can apply online or in writing. We’re looking for anyone that has experience of working as part of a group towards environmental goals.

Applications have been extended by one week and will close at 9:00am on Wednesday 3 April. There's still time to get involved and help shape the framework. Lend your environmental experience to this process.