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Water Wairarapa

Water Wairarapa

Updated 3 October 2016 2:37pm

Water Wairarapa's purpose is to secure a sustainable future for our region's people, land and water by storing, managing and using water in ways that boost regional prosperity, care for the environment and support community use.

The Opportunities

Wherever possible, the Water Wairarapa will maximise the environmental, economic, cultural and recreational benefits of enhancing Wairarapa’s water resource. Participation by a wide range of community interest groups is assisting this.

The opportunities for Wairarapa and the wider region include:

  • better long-term management of the valley’s stressed rural water sources through a regionally-integrated system that takes a whole-of-catchment approach
  • allowing growth in water use that would not otherwise be possible through use of ‘natural’ summer-time surface and ground water
  • improving fresh water quality by addressing land management issues
  • maximising the viable land productivity and the subsequent economic return
  • agricultural outputs
  • value-added processing of primary produce resulting from reliable production close to supporting infrastructure
  • more jobs and increased regional GDP

Project Aims

The aims of Water Wairarapa are to:

  • collect and use water in a way that preserves the environmental integrity of natural water bodies – in the short and long-term
  • provide increased water reliability, flexibility and efficiency
  • maximise the economic and broader community benefits of reliable water supply
  • educate the Wairarapa community on the benefits of managing water through a water storage infrastructure
  • lessen the dependency of managed rural schemes on natural water storage
  • develop a set of viable storage locations where water can be harvested during times of high flows
  • develop a managed water reticulation system to efficiently deliver water when and where it is needed, in the volumes and pressure required
  • maximise uses of water that the project can reasonably provide where there is an identified demand
  • prioritise locations of water demand where clients are prepared to pay for it
  • provide schemes that promote a high uptake
  • minimise and mitigate land-use intensification effects of agricultural irrigation
  • identify potentially ‘new’ agricultural products suitable to Wairarapa’s natural environs, processing support and transport networks
  • gain a broad level of local and regional community acceptance
  • identify commercial options for financing, ownership, management and operation of the scheme

See the Water Wairarapa website for more information.