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Pest animals

Pest animals

Updated 4 June 2019 12:22pm

A wide range of pest animals are present throughout the Wellington region; across our urban gardens and reserves, pastoral farmland and the heavily vegetated Regional Parks.

Pest Management Strategy 2002-2022 (RPMS) outlines a range of management programmes for the pest species of the region.

The strategy includes four categories of pest control based on numbers of and spread of the pest:

  • Regional surveillance: the pest has not yet arrived in the Greater Wellington region or has recently arrived but has limited distribution 
  • Total control
  • Suppression
  • Site-Led

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Argentine ant
Australian subterranean termites
Common or German wasp 
Darwin's ant 

Brown bullhead catfish
Koi karp



Feral and stray cats
Feral deer
Feral goat
Feral pig
Feral rabbit

Plague skink
Rainbow lorikeet
Rats and mice
Red-eared slider turtle

Pest Control Planning

Greater Wellington can offer free information and advice on how to control pest animals on your property.

Landcare Research has developed a decision support system for larger landowners and care groups wanting to undertake pest animal control. This framework may help with the planning of control operations for some of the common vertebrate pest species. You can find the website here

Agresearch has also developed a free online tool called pestweb, to assist farmers and agricultural professionals with pest and weed management decision making. You can find the website here

Wellington City Council have produced this useful guide to learn more about encouraging Biodiversity on your property, which includes information on how to control pests.

Pest Detective is a use online tool to help people identify the presence of pest animals.

Predator Free Wellington aims to make Wellington the first predator free capital city in the world. This will give us a natural city that flourishes with native wildlife and a dawn chorus that will be the envy of other cities.