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Water conservation News

Nature and locals to guide the way we manage our natural resources

GWRC believes people who live in each catchment have the greatest appreciation of the value of the water in their area, and an understanding of the issues facing waterways.

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Lively discussion at fish habitat workshop

More than 40 farmers, drainage contractors and environmental scientists turned up to the recent Managing Drains for Farming and Fish field day near Featherston, which generated a lively discussion focused on balancing farm drain management and preservation of native fish habitat.

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Have your say on Waikanae River stopbanks upgrade

GWRC is planning to upgrade the Jim Cooke Park stopbank to protect the community from major flooding from the Waikanae River.

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Annual Plan sets out strong work programme for Kapiti Coast

Greater Wellington Regional Council has adopted its Annual Plan 2014/15, which sets out its work programme and spending for the region over the current financial year.

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