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New water entity will keep water flowing in Hutt City

New water entity will keep water flowing in Hutt City

A new organisation to provide water services across Wellington, Porirua and the Hutt Valley will realise the benefits of sharedservices across the region when it comes into being later this month.

From 19 September the new entity, Wellington Water, will manage the bulk water supply function, formerly managed by the Greater Wellington Regional Council and the drinking water, storm water and waste water functions, managed by Capacity Infrastructure.

The new entity will be jointly owned by Wellington, Porirua, Hutt and Upper Hutt city councils, as well as the regional council. All councils will continue to own their water assets and determine their annual program of work.

Regional council chair Fran Wilde, the regional council’s representative on the Wellington Water Committee, is looking forward to the new model being up and running.

“Integration of water services in the Wellington metropolitan area has very real benefits, especially in terms of forward planning. It means broader decisions can be made, taking into account the whole water network.”