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Initiating a poll

Initiating a poll

Updated 2 April 2014 9:50am


How to and on what

When the Council passes certain decisions, it will put out a notice which outlines the public’s right to demand a poll on the matter. In these cases, a petition from at least 5% of electors within the region is needed in order to initiate the poll.

Greater Wellington Regional Council is legally obliged to advertise the right to demand a poll in relation to the electoral system, and when the Council has resolved to establish or disestablish Māori constituencies.

Electoral systems

If any changes are made to the electoral system by the Council, it is required under the Local Electoral Act 2001 to publicly notify the right to demand a poll on the issue. Similarly, at any time, the public may initiate a poll concerning the election system. Both of these demands require 5% of the electorate to sign the demand. The results of these polls are binding.

Māori constituencies

The Local Electoral Act 2001 gives councils the ability to establish separate Māori constituencies for Māori electors. Councils may pass a resolution on the matter or resolve to conduct a poll on the matter. Alternatively, the community may demand a poll. The demand for a poll requires 5% of the electorate to sign the demand. The result of such a poll is binding.