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In your community

In your community

Greater Wellington is actively involved in the region's communities.

Our commitment to environmental, economic, social and cultural wellbeings sees us connect with the region's schools, businesses, households, iwi groups, community groups, non-government organisations, emergency services, health providers, central government agencies and others.

Resilience, safety and sustainable practices shape our own Council culture and our key interactions with others.

As well as supporting many different community projects and programmes, we also provide funding and sponsor awards.

Community environmental projects

Corporate planting days
Learn how your workplace can take part in a corporate planting day

Join a community care group
Individuals, groups and businesses can work on environmental projects that contribute to the health and restoration of our region's ecosystems.

Whaitua Committees
Managing the water resources of our region in a way that meets current needs and those of future generations means that we need to understand what is important to people in their local area. 

Stuff for schools

Greater Wellington regional council values the contribution schools make to sustainability. 

Take Action for Water
> School travel planning
Funding sources
Resources and links

Sustainable business

How you can make your business more sustainable. 

> Making your workplace transport friendly
> Take part in a corporate planting day