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Helping us all protect the region from pests

Helping us all protect the region from pests

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This Consultation is closed.

The open period ran from 8:00am 01 October 2018 to 5:00pm 30 November 2018 (closed 12 months ago).


Further information including a summary of submissions received are posted on this page.

Also view the full consultation documents on the Pest Management Plan's Have Your Say page.


There are many animals and plants in our region considered undesirable or a nuisance. 

Protecting our amazing regional biodiversity, from backyards to bush reserves, and looking after our unique primary production is everyone’s business. From treating invasive plants to setting stoat traps in Queen Elizabeth Park, we want to make sure the approach we take to pest control has a regional focus plus supports all the amazing work that is going on nationally and locally. That’s where our proposed Regional Pest Management Plan 2019 – 2039 comes in.

Where to next?

Public submissions of the proposal and the hearing phase has now closed.

The information received during the hearings is now with the independent hearings panel, who will make their decisions on changes in the near future. The panel’s decision report will be presented to the Council for approval in March and will be made available online shortly after.

Decisions can be appealed through the Environment Court by submitters only. Then we put the plan into operation. The plan empowers us to exercise the relevant advisory, service delivery, regulatory and funding provisions available under the Act to deliver the specific objectives identified in Part Two (Pest Management) of the plan.

What’s the plan?

At Greater Wellington Regional Council we have a leadership role to play ensuring our goals for protecting both our native species and the places we value, align with community and iwi values, expectations and needs.

As part of our legislative requirements and as a good corporate citizen, we implemented the first pest strategy in 1996.
Our new Regional Pest Management Plan 2019 – 2039 builds on the legacy of looking after our environment. This plan will go a long way to guarantee we have a robust approach to pest management in the future.

How have we got here?

In June 2017 we started the review process by holding initial workshops and consulting with our communities. This process focuses on approaching what species should be controlled to limit their adverse impacts on our region.

The Regional Pest Management Plan 2019 – 2039 identifies 26 animal and plant species (or groups of species) classified as a ‘pest’.

The strategy review and development of this new proposed plan is your opportunity to help us understand the regional priorities for pest management over the next ten years. The objectives and programmes described in this plan are reviewed every ten years.

View the full consultation on the Pest Management Plan's Have Your Say page.

The consultation is now closed and no further submissions can be accepted.
Thank you for your interest in this process

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