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Help us plan future land transport needs

Help us plan future land transport needs

The Wellington region’s land transport network will face different pressures over the next 30 years and GWRC needs a new plan that addresses the key challenges.

The Wellington Regional Transport Committee has reviewed the pressures and issues affecting the network and looked at different future scenarios using latest data and trends.

The pressures and issues we have identified are:

•steady population growth focused in Wellington City and Kapiti

•changing demographics

•new technologies and changing lifestyle trends

•freight growth

•road safety risks

•increasing cost of transport

•fuel price rises and availability

•limited east-west connectivity within the region

•traffic congestion affecting car and bus journey time reliability

•need to facilitate regional economic growth

•need to reduce harmful emissions and contaminants

•vulnerability to unplanned events (storm, earthquake) and climate change impacts

•negative impact that strategic transport infrastructure can have on local connectivity and the attractiveness of local areas

Four key challenges have emerged that will need investment

– economic growth, road safety, resilience and liveability.

GWRC now wants to hear whether you think we have correctly identified the key issues and challenges or if you think we have missed something. And we want to know if you agree with our draft objectives and outcomes. Are there any gaps?

To tell us what you think, go to before 5pm on 3 October.

In January 2015 GWRC will again be seeking your feedback on a draft Plan, before the final Regional Land

Transport Plan is adopted in April 2015.