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Construction creates future employment growth

Construction creates future employment growth

The impact on employment growth for Käpiti from investment in infrastructure has been highlighted in a recent Berl Report, Growth scenarios for the Wellington Region: Towards 2041.

This Wellington Regional Strategy (WRS) commissioned report projects GDP and employment figures at a council level based on four different scenarios. The infrastructure and greater connections scenario apply particularly to Käpiti with major roading projects planned over the next decade.

Annual growth rates through to 2041 are projected to be higher than the regional average for most industry sectors and Käpiti CE Pat Dougherty says the report will enable Käpiti Coast District Council (KCDC) to better understand and plan for economic potential.

For Käpiti Coast, the report predicts that the growth in infrastructure brought by roading projects in the area will create a situation where the need for additional labour is likely to outgrow the available workforce.

To address this, Käpiti Coast District Council is working with the civil construction sector to help provide local labour and skills for the Kapiti Expressway project. It is also taking a longer view as other major infrastructure projects like the Transmission Gully road get underway.

“As well as boosting employment, local businesses benefit as road builders move to the district with their families. We’re expecting to also see increased activity for wholesale trades, distribution, product manufacturing businesses and retail,” says CE Pat Dougherty.

Planning for more local jobs as a result of the current and projected growth is one of the emerging themes in the review of the Economic Development Strategy for Käpiti.

The Growth scenarios for the Wellington Region report is available on

WRS is the regions economic development strategy hosted by GWRC.