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Coastal clean-up

Coastal clean-up


Pirinoa School students and community volunteers got stuck into cleaning up Whangaimoana Beach last week, filling 27 sacks with rubbish from the shoreline and dunes.

The event was planned to coincide with the end of the nesting season for endangered banded dotterel and pipits which have made the beach their home in recent years. Both species are ground nesting birds and at risk from vehicles, dogs and human feet.

‘We collected a range of rubbish, plenty of bottles, cans and plastic bags, but also a surprising number of tyres and some building materials,” said Biodiversity Officer Toni de Lautour. “We found heaps of fishing line and hooks knotted round clumps of rubbish, and the children saw a seagull flying away with line tangled round its leg.

“Volunteers were extremely enthusiastic. The children were delighted to see lots of skinks. Community members commented on the growth of plants established during last winter’s dune restoration planting.”

The event was organised by the South Wairarapa Biodiversity Group, supported by Greater Wellington Regional Council and was part of ‘Seaweek’.