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Bovine Tb

Bovine Tb

Updated 17 January 2017 3:45pm

Greater Wellington Regional Council manages bovine tuberculosis (Tb) vector control operations in the region, under a national pest management strategy, to reduce the incidence and prevent the spread of bovine Tb in farmed cattle and deer herds. This protects the viability of cattle and deer farming in the Wellington region and New Zealand's export trade in beef, dairy and venison products.

Our bovine Tb possum control operations - covering about 400,000 hectares - have been very successful. The control strategy of maintaining possum numbers at low levels has resulted in a substantial reduction in the number of cattle and deer infected with bovine Tb.

The operations have helped dramatically reduce the number of infected cattle and deer herds in the region, down from 331 in 1994 to 5 in the 2009/10 year.