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Updated 3 May 2019 4:16pm

Protecting our region from pests - our new plan

From treating invasive plants to setting stoat traps in Queen Elizabeth Park, we want a regional focus to pest control in the future.

That’s where our proposed Regional Pest Management Plan 2019 – 2039 comes in. 

The submission process has now closed 

The updated plan will be published on this page towards the end of May 2019. 

Submissions on the proposed plan were from 30 June – 27 July 2018.

We have received submissions and updated the proposed plan accordingly. Council will receive the updated plan on 14 May 2019 and shortly after we will release this to the public. There will then be a 15 day period for anyone to oppose certain aspects. After this, the final plan will be published. 

To help understand the process we've also developed this factsheet and timeframe for you.

An overview of the process so far on the Regional Pest Management Plan can be found on Have Your Say

Why do we need a new plan?

Protecting our amazing regional biodiversity, from backyards to bush reserves, and looking after our unique primary production is everyone’s business.

Our new Regional Pest Management Plan 2019 – 2039 builds on the legacy of looking after our environment. This plan will go a long way to guarantee we have a robust approach to pest management in the future.

Preserving our natural heritage and ensuring our economic future both depend on us caring for our natural resources, including rejuvenating damaged ecosystems.

Introduced plants and animals have already radically changed our environment and despite our best efforts, as a country we remain susceptible to such threats from new, invasive species.

What we've done in the past

Our main focus is on managing existing invasive species across our region.

Biosecurity work in the Wellington Region is guided by an annual operational plan.

To understand more about what we've done over the past two years see:

GWRC Regional Pest Management Strategy Operational Plan 2016-17

GWRC Regional Pest Management Strategy Operational Plan Report 2015-16 

Information and advice

Click on the links below to find out more about the work we’re doing now to control pests in our region, and for information and advice on how to do things yourself.

Pest plants

Pest animals

Bovine Tb

Mycoplasma Bovis