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Banish unhealthy air with GWRC scheme

Banish unhealthy air with GWRC scheme

Ongoing GWRC monitoring reveals air quality in Masterton is poor on cold winter nights when people stay home in front of their open fires.

To help banish this unhealthy air, GWRC is launching a scheme to help Masterton residents replace polluting wood burners and open fires with cleaner heat pumps, pellet burners or flued gas heaters.

GWRC Chair Fran Wilde says the scheme came out of a conversation with Masterton Mayor Lynn Patterson and is an extension of the Greater Warm Wellington scheme that helps residents with the upfront costs of installing insulation to keep their homes warm.

“We’ve been paying careful attention to air quality in the area for some years now,” she says. “It’s a serious issue and the best thing we can do is help residents to help themselves out of the problem.”

Under the cleaner heating component of the GWRC Greater Warm Wellington scheme, ratepayers will be able to apply for an advance against their future rates bills to meet up to $5000 of the upfront costs of installing a cleaner heating appliance.

This can then be paid off over the next nine years when people pay their rates. Depending on the amount advanced, this could be anywhere from $6 to $15 a week.

More than 9,100 people have taken advantage of the insulation component of the Warm Up Wellington programme since 2010, getting an advance of up to $3,900 against their future rates bill to install insulation in their homes.