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Ballance Farm Environment Awards

Ballance Farm Environment Awards

Updated 30 June 2020 2:28pm

Recognising sustainable farming practices

Greater Wellington supports the Ballance Farm Environment Awards in the Wellington region.

The annual Awards give farmers and lifestylers in the Wellington region the opportunity to find out how well they are sustaining their land.

The Awards aim to show that profitability need not compromise and, in the best examples, can restore and enhance environmental values.

They also help farmers find practical solutions to issues of sustainability, and learn more about sustainable farming practices that enhance long-term profitability.

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Why enter the award?

The award provides an excellent opportunity to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your farming operation, and the issues facing you and your farm, with a team of independent people who have a range of skills.

Through feedback and profiling winners, the Awards encourage farmers to be more proactive in their resource management by providing them with role models for sustainable land management.

The awards look at whole farm systems and strongly promote the positive. Every entrant is given feedback from specialist judges.

The awards help farming businesses enhance their asset in a variety of ways. Many past participants have entered to learn new ways of doing things.

Many entrants have commented how useful it was for them to spend the morning talking about their farm and walking around it with the judges.

Feedback from past entrants

Farmers have said that the benefits to be gained from entering include:

  • Linking sustainable farming practices to long-term profitability
  • Discussing practical farm information and business with judges from a range of fields
  • Gather new ideas and different methods from other entrants
  • Confirm your current farm management practices are sustainable
  • Prizes and recognition.

Specific comments include:

  • "Improves knowledge and exchange of ideas and practices".
  • "Good experience, and meet other people on the same wavelength. Some recognition for hard work".
  • "It's for all - anyone can take part".
  • "Because being involved is fun and the information flow is important".